Change Modules on List & Maps Page

Change Modules

You can change modules

This is not a template. ( as you may know, you need to modify the templates for dynamic pages. If you need to modify archive pages, you need to modify “archive tempate” ).

Therefore you just need to click the page by elementor.


You can find “Listing blocks” and find a block section. Then you can change modules.

You can setup List & Grid Modules.


You can select which module will be displayed when you click “grid” and “list” buttons.

We strongly recommend you to select the same module as the module which display on list blocks when page loaded. 

First Type :
You can set which type to be loaded.

Columns : 
Column amounts

And more detail options


Modify Module Meta

You can change / remove meta in modules

Go to back-end and find Javo theme >> page builder

Then you can see the module template to modify.


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