Default BuddyPress Setting

Please see the documentation created by the BuddyPress team for details.

Page Setup

You need to configure Default options to use BuddyPress.

Components Setup

You can disable / able buddypress options.

Cover Header Setup

If you want to use cover header like our demo, please set like this. Please make sure to enable "Group" if you want to use group header.

Profile Setup

You can add some fields for your user profile.

Menu Setting

You can set menu order. ( Appearance >> Customize >> BuddyPress Nouveau ) It's built by BuddyPress and we don't use WordPress menu.

Remove BuddyPress Home Menu : if it's enabled, please uncheck this menu. We have our own HOME, so you don't need to have 2 Home pages.

You can make an order of menus.

BuddyPress Pages with Elementor

As you might know, BuddyPress pages are not possible to use Elementor to customize layouts.
BuddyPress doesn't basically provide "The-content" which needs for Elementor page builder.
BuddyPress pages are mostly fixed template by code.

Detail Menu