Header Group Buttons Widget Settings

How to Setup Header Group Buttons Widget

You can see various listing header styles by using Header switch widget. You can change the order of switches and remove unwanted switches. Add any place in listing pages as you wish. You can change the style by Favorite, Review AVG, Share, Submit Review, etc.. buttons.

Please add the header switch button you need.


Single Utility button style can use different button than header swicth style. Share button, Favorite button, Review AVG, Submit Review, etc buttons are available.

Favorite Button: Click this button to add it to your favorites list.
Click again to cancel the bookmark.

Submit Review Button: Add this button, set the id in the Review section, and set the randing id on the button. Click to scroll to the place where the id is set.

Review AVG Button: This button shows review rating avg by number.

Share Button: Click to share on Facebook, Twitter, and Google. And you can copy the URL.

Ratings Button: This button shows the number of reviews written.

Show & Hide Switch Buttons

You can show the amount of buttons. ( As you know, you can also change the order ).
1. Extend the column.
2. Change the width of switch buttons.

If you still have a problem?

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