Import demo data ( Steps )

1. How to Import Demo Data

You have several ways to import demo data to make your site look the same as our demo.

2. Check and Setup the initial settings
There can be some missing images, icons, blocks. These are by different server and database index ids. Then you can simply add them.

Initial Setting

You need to set some options or keys initially.
Some of them are needed to setup some option due to different data id between your database and our demo database.

Installation Service

Envato Support doesn't include installation service. You need to pay to Envato freelancors
Our staffs also do installation service if they have time to do. ( They can't do when they are busy ) As you may know, it's a paid service.
If you need, please check this page.

Common mistake ( Error and Solution )

These are common mistakes other clients had. Please have a look and try not to have these.

If you see the error code below, it is an error because you did not deactivate the old core plugin. Deactivating an older core plugin will resolve the issue.

Fatal error: Class ‘jvfrm_spot_admin_helper’ not found in /wp-content/plugins/javo-spot-core/import/javo-import.php on line 24

For more information, please click the “See The Detail” button below.

This is a common mistake in WordPress. Not only our theme. You might be a newbie in Envoto or WordPress.
No worries, it’s easy to solve. You just need to upload the proper zip file.

Please have a look here.

dirname() error on (javo-core/inc/Base/BaseController.php on line 12 )

Default value on ( javo-core/includes/function-ajax.php )

These are mostly from old version of PHP. 

To upgrade PHP version, you need to talk to your hosting support team. This matter is with your server. Not our theme.
We recommend PHP 7.x.

Having the newest PHP is also good for your server performance!

See more details ( How to check )

If you still have a problem?

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