How to set up submit listing page with elementor builder

We have updated the submit form so that we can create the submit form with the elementor builder, reflecting the opinions of many clients. 

We designed the client to be able to freely add or remove information that it does not need.

However, please note that if you use a widget other than the widget we specified on the submit page, you may get an issue.

(* If you are using “lava payment addon”, you need to disable it shortly to use edit page. Since “lava payment addon” is actived, you are not able to edit. Please deactivate it shortly.)

The Submit page has two required widgets.

Listing Field (submit): You can set the meta to submit to the listing meta.

ex) description, title, address, etc …


Add Submit Button: The submit page is responsible for sending the form. You can not submit with other buttons besides this button.

Create a title in each submit field so that the user can recognize it.

We recommend text area or jv heading, heading widget as title widget.

You can specify which meta to submit for each submit field.

You can only set an optimized submit field for your site.

Finally, if you have set all the fields, add the submit button widget.
Using other button widgets may cause issues.

If you want to add a tagline, you can dd “Listing Field (Submit)” widget and choose “Tagline”.
You can also duplicate the title filed and change the meta.

Submit Form Without Login

You need to add login fields for unregistered users. 
It doesn’t display login form when you are logged in.

If you don’t add this fields, you will get “invalid email” error.

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