How to update themes for old users

Server requirements

Some site settings are required to update to a new theme. Please refer to the checklist below to set the site.

Update Steps

Some site settings are required to update to a new theme. Please refer to the checklist below to set the site.

New theme uses the new core plugins and avoiding conflict, you need to deactivate all plugins.

Please make sure that you do not use any old core. You can remove the old core plugin.

Download from Envato ( Themeforest ) as WordPress zip file.

(* Do not upload file. only theme file. )

And please go to theme setting ( Appearance >> Theme )
You need to replace the old theme name via ftp (/wp-content/themes/) or remove the old theme.
And upload the new theme.

Activate the new theme.

If you have any error, that means you didn’t deactivate other plugins especially core plugin.

When you activate the new theme, the install wizard option appears. Use the install wizard to install any required plugins and core plugins. And you can import demo and get necessary page and template.

If the install wizard fails, please check if your site php version is 7.x or higher. Or try the install wizard once more.

After import all data, you will find our demo pages have been imported.

When you download the file from the Envato market, there is a premium plugin that comes with themes. (Path: Main_Files\Plugins)

If you have an old version plugin installed, please remove it and install the latest version of the premium plugin.

The demo data file for the premium plug-in is in the sample-data folder. Please import this.

Please go to plugins list on dashboard and
activate our ( javo or lava ) plugins first 1 by 1. 
And activate your plugins 1 by 

Please make sure that you need to clear browser cache or disable them shortly.

Please see the detail description below addon section.

You can find step by step settings on our doc. 
There are many things you have already done such as google API key etc…
But you can also check all of things completed.
Click the check list button.

If you have successfully updated to a new theme, please check the checklist after updating.

Common mistake

These are common mistakes other clients had. Please have a look and try not to have these.

If you see the error code below, it is an error because you did not deactivate the old core plugin. Deactivating an older core plugin will resolve the issue.

Fatal error: Class ‘jvfrm_spot_admin_helper’ not found in /wp-content/plugins/javo-spot-core/import/javo-import.php on line 24

For more information, please click the “See The Detail” button below.

The member dashboard has been integrated with the BuddyPress page.
So if BuddyPress member page setting is not set or BuddyPress is deactivate, the member dashboard page may not be displayed.

For more information, please click the “See The Detail” button below.

You need to set the BuddyPress in the backend >> Settings >> BuddyPress tab.
Some BuddyPress pages may not work if member, group, notifications, friend connections, etc .. are not set.

Once again, please review check list.

You need to renew the addons if the addons period has expired and you can not update addons.
Please leave a ticket on our support site before you renew your new addons. Our support team will then provide discount coupons. (Click)


Some Addons will not be using in new version

1. Advanced MAP
The theme features include advanced map functionality. You can now use the advanced map option even if you no longer have an advanced map addon.

2. Advanced single listing page
Themes feature includes advanced single listing page. You can change the single detail layout without this addon, and more and more powerful features have been added.

Replace Review Addon

You need to replace addon for new version. Our support team will provide you a free coupon for it. Please contact them.

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