Javo Theme&Plugin Translation

If you want to change some strings (words) or if you want to translate your own languages, you need to work on it with a plugin.
We heard from our client that ‘Loco translate‘ plugin work fine with our product.
If you want to know how to use it, please have a look at this link.


If you can’t find some strings in theme, you need to find them in “lava plugin”
We basically use “lava manager plugin” and created templates in theme. the strings can be in the plugin.

If you want to translate the Lava directory manager, Javo directory core, and other lava addons… you have to make a language file in the system path.
if you want to translate our theme, you need to a language file in the custom path.

If you can not find the words you need to translate, please translate the plugin.

Widget Translation

There are title inputs or label inputs in widgets. You can always change names or remove them.
It’s not related to the translation strings by loco translation plugin.

It’s just directly added in the widgets.

You can just open the elementor editor and change the words to what you want in your language.
This is an example.

These words are added in the widget titles. Then you can simply change title name in the widgets.
Please click the elementor edit page link. ( it can be just “Edit with elementor” depends on the pages )

And then click the area to find the widget and change the words to what you want in your language.

If you still have a problem?

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