Map & List ( Result ) Page

Please set the Template to ‘Lava Listings Map Template’ in Dashboard >> Pages >> Add New.

Then click the ‘Edit with Elementor’ button. Then you can see this screen.

You create a section and add widgets to the ‘Map page’ section.

Filter Buttons: You can add various useful buttons like ‘Sort by’ and ‘Favorites’.

Filter Buttons(Module Type Swicher)

You can change the module displayed in the listing block of the Map page. If this is not set, it will not work.

Amenities: You can add an ‘Amenities’ filter.

Listing blocks: You can configure the visible module in the map page.
If the module is not set, you can not see the module on the map page.

More Taxonomies: If you use the ‘Javo More Taxonomies’ addon, you can create the taxonomies you want. This widget provides you with the ability to filter by your taxonomies.
You can watch a video of the map setting here.

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