Map Setting & Archive Pages

Map Page ( Result page ) Setting

You can modify by clicking "Edit this page" button on a map page. You can also create a page and add map widgets.

You can easily change or remove the order of the items that appear on the panel of the map template page.

We have limited the widgets available here. Detail

If you have imported the demo data correctly, you will have this page. We recommend that you change the order of each widget here, or remove the ones you do not need.

Please see the links below for widgets available here.


Don’t forget to select “map template” on pages.
( Setting icon >> Page Layout )

Archive ( Taxonomy Map ) Page Setting

Archive pages are also the same way as map page. But you need to find it on page builder.

You can also select one of your archive pages on theme settings. Then the template will be for your categories, locations map templates.

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