Module settings

You can create your own modules, or customize your own modules.

If you use a widget other than the widget you are using in the Module, you may get an issue or it may not work.

Also, the module design shown in the elementor preview and the module design shown in the live page may be slightly different.

Create a module template in Page builder.
Please refer to the screenshot below.

1. Create a Module template.

2. Module template page width setting.

– If your post blocks are over the browser ( causing scrolls ), you should set “overflow” to hidden. It’s also related to “the grid”. The reason is that js creates auto full width, it should be overflow hidden for mobile if it makes scrolls.

3. Adding Module widgets.

4-1. Module Card widget settings. (1 block)

4-2. Module Card widget settings. (2 block)

5. Module card badges settings.

6. Adding module card content and style setting.

You can add multiple meta values to custom meta. ex) {post_title} {post_date}

7. Set the module card link.

8. Module card height, align, position settings

9. Module card overlay settings.

10. Module meta No data settings.

You can set nodata in the ’empty message’ of the module meta widget.

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