Post Block

You can put a list of listings or posts into the page in a variety of designs on the page using our ‘Post Block’ widget.

Block Header: This option sets the filter header of the block.

Post Type: In this configuration tab, you can select the type of post or listing that will be displayed in the block, and you can set the taxonomy to be added to the filter.

Featured Listings : You can display only featured listings which are checked as featured listings. ( For import data, some sample listings will be displayed as an sample ). If you enable it, only featured ( checked ) listings will be displayed.

Block: You can define the style in which the module is displayed and mix up to two modules. You can set the amount of modules to be displayed first, the length limit of the description (which can also be set in the module), and the load more style.

Order: You can set the order of listings to be displayed.

Effect: You can set the effect when the Page block is loaded.

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