Set menus&logo in header

Menu Setting

How to set and change Header menu, mega menu

When importing the demo, the menu of the demo site may not be imported because the DB index value of the menu is different for each site.
Please understand that the menu configuration can be done manually.

Please configure the menu to be used on your site.

Please visit “Page builder >> Header tab >> Select header template”

Choose the menu you configured in the backend.

Check the Use mega menu option to use the mega menu.

Some options column width of mega menu, mega menu wrap width, background, etc .. If you do not set it, menu design may look bad.

You can also add a canvas menu button ( icon ) for your mobile version.

For the template, you can find a doc for canvas template doc.

How to Find the Menu Template

On this page or post.

After you login as an admin, you will see “Edit with Elementor” and you can find a list. 
Please select one of them you need to modify.

Adjustment Menu Position

Updated postioning

You can simply adjust the arrange by “Left Position”

Logo Setting

How to set logo

Select the template you want to modify the logo to click the ‘edit with elementor’ button.

Select the image widget and change it to the logo image you want to use.

You can use “Site logo” widget instead of an image widget.


You can find there are 2 headers on some of headers.
One of them is for desktop version. The other one is for mobile and tablet version. 

You should select mobile version and click on the logo.
( if logo is added by an image widget, please change it to “site logo” widget which we added recently. It’s better )

Sticky Header

Sticky menu & header

You will find “Javo Sticky” tab and enable it to see options.

Detail Menu