Theme Update

1.Envato update plugin

You can use Envato update plugin to update your themes.

Please have a look at the doc here and install it.

2.Manual Update Via FTP

You can also update manually if it's familiar for you.

YOU MUST BACKUP YOUR DATA, FILES before you update themes in a case. it normally works fine without any problems. it’s an expected case. we (javo team) do not have any responsibility for losing your data or files during your updates.
(FYI, please check if your hosting has backup service automatically. most of hosting has the backup option)

    1. Please download our theme from  It is the newest version.
    2. Please access your FTP and change the name of the theme you are currently using.
      2-1. unzip
      2-2. change folder name on old version temporary (ex) javo-theme >> javo-theme2 ). because you can not have same exist folders.
      and upload unzipped listopia folder. you can delete the old version folder. but I recommend changing folder name. it’s safe to be back to the old version if there is any problem.

You may upload the newest version of theme just as installing the theme.
Delete the old version and upload the new version (

These videos are one of our product video. the theme name is different from what you have. however, it’s basically same way as you need to do.

If you need more information, please google it.  this is a common issue you need to know.

Thank you,

3. Core update

After install theme, you should update the core.

Please visit Plugin list and check if Core plugin is required update

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